Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assignment that I am most proud of

The assignment I am the most proud of would have to be my "Who am I?" video. This is mainly because I had saved it literally to the night before but managed to get it done and to get it done pretty well. I couldn't think of what to make the video on for such a long time but then my friends in class came up with an idea to do it about Fifth Harmony because I am obsessed with them. I would not consider myself a creative person so once they gave me the idea I still didn't know how I would create the video. Then on the night before it was due, I came up with the idea that I did and got it done in time. I was really proud of myself because I think it was a really creative idea. This project taught me how to make an engaging video with only the essential things to really get my point across, and I think I accomplished that.

Most memorable experiences

There were definitely a lot of memorable experiences that I had in this class. Probably the most fun memorable experience was the whole pinhole camera activity combined with the dark room. I learned so much in the dark room that I never would have learned without taking this class. I learned about how a negative image gets turned into a positive like how people in the olden days used to have to take photographs. While taking the photos with the pinhole camera, I learned about the science of it and how the amount of light really needs to be contained in order to make a successful image.

Another memorable experience I had was the bi-weekly assignments. Like I've said before, I never really took the time to take pictures before this class. It was a real new experience for me that I will definitely continue on for a long time. This impacted my learning mainly because I learned how to take a good photograph. I also learned how to think creatively to shoot photos in many different themes. it was always hard for me to take 60 photos in that one category because I always ran out of ideas but eventually, I became more creative and you could tell by the quality and variety of my photos.

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

My goals that I wrote for myself at the beginning of this course seemed pretty basic. One goal was to learn the technical skill if taking a photograph. Since I really hadn't taken many photos at all before this class, I would definitely have to say that I achieved this goal. When I was doing the bi-weekly assignment, I needed to take photographs from different perspectives for some of them. That is what I would consider a technical skill so that gave me some good practice. My other goal that I had wanted to achieve by the end of this semester was to learn how to use photoshop and how to use photoshop to make photos better. I obviously did learn how to use photoshop because we had to do two assignments with it, but, I definitely did not manage to achieve the part about making photos better. Most of the photos I edited in photoshop looked a lot better before I did so.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Pinhole Photography


  1. To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
  2. To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

    One aspect of pinhole photography is actually taking the photograph. We use a can with a hole in it painted black on the inside. Then there is a little hole with a magnet shutter over it.  Another aspect is turning our negative image into a positive. We put it through a series of chemicals. First, developer, then stop bath, then fixer. One other aspect is aiming the pinhole camera at the subject. It is kind of difficult because you kind if just have to guess.

    For me, the most exciting part was waiting for the photograph to come out of the fixer. This was exciting because it was the final step and then I could be done. Also, I was interested to see how well it came out.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Forced Perspective Photographs


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills

This one is my most successful because it is the one that looks the most realistic. I took a lot more time on this one because it was the first one I did so it just looks neater than the others. It also looks the most like forced perspective. I made it so that Alex was not in proportion to the flowers like she would be in real life.
I still have trouble editing photos well. On the edges sometimes it's a little messy still. Also, I can never think of any good ideas until the last minute. That causes me to have to rush which probably explains some of the messy editing.

Sunday, May 21, 2017



 Trees are essential for life.
They provide the oxygen we need to breathe.
Without them, the earth would be empty.
With just the trees and plants.
But with them, the earth is full.
People everywhere
Animals everywhere
Life everywhere