Wednesday, April 26, 2017


  • To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”;
  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography;
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses;
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

Looking at the examples of levitation photography was just helpful in terms of getting ideas. There were so many different ways people accomplish levitation photography. And there were many examples of it as well to see .The pinterest page of examples is what I found the ost helpful. It was just full of more of a variety of photos. In other resources, the focus was just more on the person levitating, but the pinterest page had examples of other objects being the focused subject of levitation.

Successes I had would be using the quick mask edit to effectively cut out the subject for my photograph. I think I did it pretty accurately and I took a lot of time to do it. It was really important that I did it well because it changes the whole look of the photograph. It is needed to be well done for it to look realistic. I see these as strengths becuase it was essential to a sucessful levitation photograph. Because of my success in this part of the editing process, it made my final project a succcess.
I had a lot of challenges in this project. One was finding a good background

Reflections, Storm

The Present
by Storm Taylor

Sitting in the warm, inviting room
same  old, rough  chair 
same old, rough blanket
watching TV late into the dark night
thinking about nothing in particular
only about the present
not worrying about the future
not worrying about the past
just  enjoying the present
still in the same, old, rough chair
with the same old, rough, blanket
in the same, warm, inviting room

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation definition: the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.
Paranormal definition: denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

If you want to successfully create a levitation photo you should take multiple photographs. Once you have taken multiple photos, you can put them into photoshop and combine them. Drawing a sketch to visualize your ideas is also a good idea to do before you take the photographs. Pay attention to the clothing of your subject so that it matches with what the actual subject is doing. If the person is floating, their clothes should be floating as well as her hair. Pay attention to angle shot because that plays a big role in how the photographs will turn out.

My idea would for the background to simple. That way the focus of it would be on what is levitating. I also would life mine to be outdoors and have someone like sitting above a tree or something. I;m not really sure what i want yet but I want it to be simple and unique. I think I would have a person laying down and then the levitation of themselves above. I like the idea of that because it's like ghosting and I liked the examples that were like that.
Image Source: Dejon

by Franck Bohbot
Image Source: Kristi Fr├Ązier

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Food, Storm

The Banana King sends out messages by making bananas appear in specific places so that his minions can open the banana and read whats written on the inside. He needed to send a message to Kelcie. She was working hard in Ms. Hirschfeld’s class when the banana arrived. Her banana alerter alerted her of the new banana message. She walked outside and got the banana from its secret banana location: on top of the lockers. She opened the banana, and low and behold, it stated that Ms. Carrigan robbed a bank! 

History of Photography

I learned about some inventions that were really helpful to photography. For example, the Calotype which is useful because it is producing a negative image. I also learned about flashbulb photography. Jacob Riis’ photos were an early example of it when he took photos using flash lamps. The pinhole camera creates an image on the other side of a box through a pinhole and gets projected onto a wall. New things in photography and new ideas are getting made to this day. Brandon Stanton who photographed people in New York starting in 1984, is now a big blog and all over social media in today’s world. These things are important to my learning because I can use these techniques in my own work and get ideas from the projects that these famous photographers have done.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Photos with Quotes

To unify this photo I paid attention to color. Because of the yellow stripes in the middle of the road, I decided it would make sense for the words to be that color as well so it stands out. It stands out but it's not the only thing that color so it doesn't look awkward. I used a font that looked kind of straight in a way. I did that because the road is straight and structured. Because of that, I think it made sense for the font to be straight and structured as well.

To unify this photo I picked a quote that would make sense with what was happening in the photograph. Since it is a picture of a city, which are usually busy and filled with people, I used a quote challenging the realness of the people in a big city. Many times in a big city, people are just there for their own personal gain and success. They will use you for their own good and act like someone or not to get what they want. Because I believe that, the quote fits the photograph of that setting. I also picked a font that was more serious because when people read the quote, I want them to think about it seriously and I chose the color because it matched with the main colors in the photograph.
To unify this photo, I tried to make the color of the text fit with the photograph. I did this by taking a color that was already in the photograph so it would match with it. I took the fact that the theme of this quote isn't all bright and happy and used that to make the colors more calm and cool. In addition to that, I tried to find a font for the text that fit the mood of the photo. Because the photo is more on the calm side,  I also used a font that looked calm and cool. Overall, I think this photo is unified because of the color choice, font choice, and the choice of quote matching the photograph.

One important thing I learned while making these was to pay attention to font size. I thought my font sizes were good but in reality, you need to pick a font size that is bigger than you would think. Also, the font size needed depends on what font you chose as well. Another important thing that I learned was placement completely changes the mood of the photograph. I had to move the position of the text many times for it to fit the mood and the message of the photo. If you pay attention to these two things, your finished product will look a lot neater and nicer.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


This family had a swingset for many years. There were so many memories to be made with the children playing on it. One day a little boy from down the road walked over wanting to play with the other kids who lived there. It was the middle of winter and there were huge piles of snow all around the swing set. He asked if he could join in because he had never done this before. He climbed to the very top and jumped off into a big snow pile. Everyone was having a great time until the children's mother came out and demanded they get off immediately as it was far too dangerous.